History and Vision

Who is MagNet?

MagNet (Magazine Information Network, LLC) was formed in 2000 by several leading magazine wholesalers to provide a source for critical sales and marketing information to the publishing industry. Over the last eighteen years, MagNet has grown its Membership to include those wholesalers that represent nearly 99% of single copy magazine sales in the United States. Making MagNet the industry’s only complete source for newsstand sales and reporting.

The current MagNet members include The News Group, L.P., The Hudson Group, The Evan Group, Media Solutions, Southern Tier News, Fall River News Company, Burlington News Company, Southern Wisconsin News Company, Andrew News Company, Mader News, Newborn Inc., North Shore News, and Brunner News.

MagNet also has access to all Canadian wholesalers' data. Our database includes over three years of historical draw, return and sales information for more than 8,000 titles sold in more than 115,000 retail locations in the United States and Canada.