February 3, 2012
4Q2011 and 2011 YE Early Sales Review
2011 proved to be a very challenging year for print media in general. While overall sales suffered, there were a significant number of positive signs as well. Late in the fourth quarter of 2011, as well as the first few weeks of 2012, MagNet, through our retailer POS data analyses, sees evidence of the non-weekly title sales leveling off compared to the same weeks in the previous year.

The industry, as usual, performed very well as consumers responded to our coverage of several significant "events" in 2011, ranging from the Royal Wedding, to the death of the US arch enemy, Osama bin Laden, to the 10th anniversary of 9-11. Publishers produced quality product, wholesalers and distributors ensured that copies were distributed to the retail locations in a timely manner, and sales responded.

MagNet will be highlighting other positive points in 2011 in more detail later this month when we publish our final year end numbers. Including the phenomenal growth of "Book-A-Zines", to the success of The Food Network Magazine, consumers are purchasing high quality magazines that appeal to them and provide value. 

4th Quarter, US and Canada Sales Comparison Versus 2010 Same Period

The following charts provide an early read of sales for the 4th quarter 2011 in the US and Canada. MagNet has also segregated the weekly and non-weekly sales in this early estimate. As you will see at the bottom of this issue of Business Insights, the "weekly" product represents about 40% of the total unit volume.
4Q2011 V2
Note: All numbers are reported in millions
2011 Vs. 2010 Early Estimate 
2011 Full YR V2

Note: All numbers are reported in millions 


Weekly Chart V2 

Weekly product represents about 40% of the units in the channel, both draw and sales, but represents 31% of the total retail dollars.

MagNet will be providing an in depth review of 2011 later this month. In the "Year End Review" we will provide category breakdown, top chains, class of trade and other industry specific sales dimensions. 

MagNet has detailed analyses of retail magazine sales over the last five years. Should you be interested in a more detailed look or require additional information please feel free to send your questions to at your convenience.

Note: Sales are reported from wholesaler OR figures based on off-sale dates through 4Q-2011.

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