First Half 2011 Sales
MagNet is providing an early read on 2Q-2011 and 1st Half 2011 single copy magazine sales. The 2Q-2011 numbers are based on current return flow and should not be considered final. The 1st quarter 2011 numbers are complete and the updated results are a bit lower than our numbers reported in May due to additional returns flowing through the system. There are many factors contributing to the negative sales trends that we are seeing, from the continuing poor economy to the closing of Borders which is an estimated to have impacted overall sales by a full 1.0% in the second quarter. We will be providing a more complete report on 1st Half 2011 sales at the end of August.

First Half 2011 Sales Comparison by Quarter


1st Half Vertial


Using our Cover Analyzer Module, MagNet determined the top three personalities featured on magazines covers in the first half of 2011. Justin Bieber, President Obama and Kate Middleton were those three personalities. MagNet reviewed the covers of the titles/issues for each personality and  indexed the sales to previous issues of the same titles. A synopsis for each personality is outlined below.


Bieber Covers

While Justin Bieber may have been a "hit" in 2010, 2011 has not been as rewarding for this celebrity/personality. On almost every cover where his image appeared, the sales indexed negatively compared to previous issues of the same title, up to as much as a 40.0% decline.  



President Obama was on the covers of many magazines across multiple categories, from news and financial, to tabloid and ethnic titles. President Obama's sales results were mixed. Sales of President Obama covers as compared to previous issues of the same title were all over the board, ranging from a negative impact of -37.0% to a positive impact of 30.0%. That trend seems very similar to his popularity among his electorate.




Kate Middleton was simply "golden". Each time she graced the cover of a magazine the issue sold significantly higher than the previous issues of the same title.

MagNet Business Insights
Note: Sales are reported from wholesaler OR figures. 2Q-2011 numbers are considered preliminary and still have returns in the channel to be processed. This should be considered an early indicator.