March 21, 2013


MagNet Launches



Earlier this year MagNet announced that we were branding all of our different data modules and analytical reports in our web portal as the Newsstand Industry Resource Center (NIRC). This analytical reporting tool is an amalgamation of various data modules established to provide industry channel members, large and small publishers and national distributors, access to industry sales data and analytical reports. We also offer retailers the opportunity to benchmark their company's magazine sales, down to the category and title level, against their competitive set.


While many of our clients receive store level information, NIRC offers suppliers the opportunity to receive aggregated information without the costs of investing in detailed data. NIRC provides suppliers with access to the following reporting modules.

  • Chain Authorizations
    • By Chain
    • By Title
  • Chain HQ & Division Sales Ranking and Comparisons
    • Perfect for retail business reviews and title sales comparisons by periods
    • Includes sales for all titles sold in a particular chain, including subject categories
  • Wholesaler HQ & Agency Sales Ranking and Comparisons
    • Perfect for wholesaler business reviews and sales comparisons by periods
    • Sales for all titles handled and assigned subject categories
  • COT Sales Comparisons
  • Cover Analyzer - includes covers of titles/issues MagNet scans (estimated 2,500 different titles)
    • OR Sales Indexing
    • POS Information Indexing
  • World Item/Title File
  • Executive Summary Reports
    • National Draw/Sales/Dollar Trending
      • Provides an immediate snapshot of sales for the industry over the past 12 months
      • Publisher and title comparisons against competition
    • National Retail Dollars Sales Trend - TY Vs. LY comparisons
      • Reports with pre-set criteria comparing 12 months retail dollars to same period TY Vs.  LY
    • Title Draw/Sale/Dealer Count Charts
  • Benchmarking Reports
    • Retailer and wholesaler reports
    • Title and category comparisons against the rest of the market

Over the next few months we will be highlighting each of the reporting modules listed above. This issue of Business Insights focuses on our "Cover Analyzer" module. A few relevant facts regarding this tool are:

  1. More than  2,500 BIPAD/titles cover images included
  2. Both wholesale OR and Retail POS modules
  3. Filtering capabilities
    • Include same issue last year cover
    • Nearly 700 different personality search possibilities
    • 39 Roll-up categories and 248 sub-categories
    • 18 cover themes and 115 sub-cover themes
    • 14 different sorting possibilities
    • BIPAD(S) specific capability
    • All stores or "same store" comparison
    • Sales indexing by chain capability

This tool can be a resource to all departments in any large or small publishing company, including circulation, editorial and finance.


We've attached a sample report (See Below) that provides some cooking covers sorted from high to low sales using wholesaler O&R information, with indexing. Note that we included last year's covers of the same issue, unless the title didn't have an issue last year. We index the sales against last year's issue, as well as the average sales of the last four, eight and twelve issues. Publishers and editors can use the O&R Cover Analyzer to determine the effectiveness of covers on sales, and also determine how effective certain personalities are as cover treatment.


The POS Cover Analyzer Report provides a resource to publishers to determine very quickly how well an issue is selling, as we update the POS sales information every day from a variety of chains in our POS Cover Analyzer report.

Please let us know if we can answer any questions you may have regarding our Cover Analyzer module or any other NIRC reporting tools.



Cooking Cover - High to Low 






If you should be interested in more details regarding NIRC, or a pricing model to fit your budget, please respond to at your convenience.